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Should a Person Work at Both ICE & ARESEP in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica – If a person is working in the price regulatory commission that has a part in determining tariff rates or conflicts related to the telecommunications competition for ICE, should that person be able to work for both companies?

aresep costa ricaThe new regulator at the Regulatory Authority of Public Services, Roberto Jimenez, is making headlines because of his employment relationship with ICE.

He insisted that his appointment to the position, which will go from 2016 to 2022, was completely legal. But in the public eye there is too much in common with the two companies.

To ensure that this is not a problem Roberto Jimenez resigned as director of Environmental Planning at ICE yesterday.

He was considering abstaining from participation in all decisions at ARESEP pertaining to the state institution.

These types of decisions could include tariff rates or conflicts related to the telecommunications competition, for example.

Many fearedthat he would have a conflict of interest and for good reason with all the cronyism in Costa Rica.



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