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San Carlos; Water Distribution on the Local Level in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News -Water supply has become a concern world wide with all the talk about global warming and climate change. In addition, in Costa Rica, is the issue of water distribution, as certain rural areas are well aware. Many communities face water rationing daily, although Costa Rica has a great water supply.

drinking water san carlosWhat is done at the community level can many times be mimicked on a national level, perhaps this can be as well.

The San Carlos municipality is preparing a master plan that will ensure a future water supply to its 35,000 inhabitants. The construction of a storage tank will start in early October.

It will hold 2,500 cubic meters in Ciudad Quesada. 2,500 cubic meters is greater than the dimensions of City Hall.

It will be financed by the Instituto de Fomento y Asesoría Municipal. A second tank will be made in Los Angeles, to supply the northernmost regions.

This is the largest project ever undertaken in San Carlos, and it is a necessary one. The population is growing rapidly, and each person in the area consumes an average of 424 liters of water per day.

With this project, 200 more people each year will get potable water.

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