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Renewable Energy Laboratory Opens in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A new laboratory will train technicians in renewable energies.

Foto de: Diana Méndez.

The first group is made up of young people, under age 25, many from rural areas.

This program is offered at INA, the National Institute of Learning.

The first generation of renewable energy technicians trained by the institute will have 30 students. They will be the first to receive a formal education in this field, although others are working on it independently.

They will be able to design more efficient energy systems and install, operate and maintain various projects.

The recently inaugurated lab has photovoltaic, solar thermal and solar equipment for students to experiment with and simulate scenarios.

The lab can also be used to advise companies.

The outlook is that by 2030, there will be 24 million employees worldwide in the renewable energy sector.

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