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Ready to get Wet in Costa Rica? Rainy Season in Full Force

Costa Rica News – Hope you have a good book or some good movies. It is time to spend the evenings snuggling with your significant other as the rains for the next month or so are not going to let up very much……if rainy season holds to form.

costa-rica-rainAs for today and tomorrow the (IMN) National Meteorological Institute is predicting heavy rains tomorrow by a low pressure system. The cloud coverage in and around the Central Pacific has not broken (except for a short stint this morning) since the torrential down pours of last night.

If you do not need to go out it is best to try to remain at home until this current system passes.  The most effected areas are the Central Pacific, South Pacific, Central Valley, the Northern Zone and the Caribbean Mountains.

Combined with this the Pacific Coast is expected to have higher than normal tides of close to 10 feet.  This will continue until Friday.

Driving back from Manuel Antonio this morning you could already see the effects of this system moving through. Houses were close to underwater and the river levels pushing to overflow.

The rains in Costa Rica between mid-October to mid-November are usually the greatest.  But we will all be missing them when dry season hits and there are no longer the rains to cool us down in the afternoons.

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