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Petition to Drag the Costa Ricans Behind Vehicle Just Like They Did to A Sea Turtle

Costa Rica News – I am going to start this article requesting that a petition be started to kill the youths that did this to this animal.  I would like the hijo de puta Costa Ricans that dragged this sea turtle behind a car and then killed it to have the exact same thing happen to them.  I am not kidding.

turtle dragged behind car in costa ricaPeople that kill or torture innocent animals should experience those methods of torture and murder. If they die so be it. That would wipe away their idiotic laughter.  Then and only then would people stop this sort of actions in the world.

It is time to admit that the worst animals in the world are humans. 

A group of youths in Costa Rica filmed themselves as they tied up an endangered large green sea turtle and dragged it through the streets.

Even more tragically, after filming the incident, they allegedly killed the turtle.

The video was later posted online and is believed to have happened in the port of Moin, in the province of Limon, on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast.

In the clip, the young men, who have not been identified, tie up the helpless green sea turtle by its fins with a rope attached to a red car.

Moments later, the car then moves off dragging the turtle along the muddy roads as it bumps along on its back.

One youth, who is filming the incident, can be heard laughing gleefully as he chases behind to keep up with the dragged turtle.

The car speeds up considerably, going over various pot holes on the mud track, until finally coming to a standstill.

Finally, the boys are seen hosing down the turtle and untying its fins, seemingly proud of their escapade.

The video was shared on the Facebook page of animal activist Alvaro Sagot, who said he had received the video from some contacts in the area.

He said: “Like me, they were left without words or breath, and disillusioned with life, after seeing the footage.

“It is a lack of respect to different forms of life. The way they mistreat the turtle goes against everything that a civilised country should be.”

Green turtles are listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List and it is illegal to collect, harm or kill them and carries a punishment of up to three years in jail.

From The Mirror, First Part Added by Dan Stevens


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