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Pat Hundley Day Star Owner $7 Million Fraud?

Costa Rica News – Pat Hundley the owner of the Day Star Properties in Jaco as well as the Jaco Rays soccer team is being accused of over $7 million dollars in damages to partners. 

Patrick-Vincent-Hundley-Costa-RicaAs reported to the US Public Prosecutor ‘s Office the prosecuting group invested in a  15,850 square meter property in the town of Jaco and it seems they got the “gringo” prices on the property.

The investors signed a contract and began making monthly payments of $ 500,000 for a year and a half, with the promise that in the end after the $7 million was paid the investors would be shareholders but it did not happen that way.

Puntarenas Prosecutors said the property was acquired on July 27, 2009 by Mountain Vista Jaco society, whose president is Patrick Hundley since 2007.

In addition, the prosecution said the alleged fraud is $ 7 million, according to the complaint filed on July 16, 2013.

Foreign investors told the Prosecutor that there was never a transfer of shares or endorsement Jaco Mountain View, as promised.

Furthermore, the prosecuting body said investors were never informed that the land they intended to buy had a registry entry for a divorce trial in Toronto (Canada), which contained the former owner of the property.

The Criminal Court hearing in Garabito will occur today at 3 pm. they will talk about measures and could discuss a settlement with the plaintiffs.

Ana Briceno, representative of the victims, declined to discuss the case, but said: “As this is an equity issue, our interest is to reach a settlement.”

Meanwhile, Erick Ramos defender Patrick Hundley, would not give statements.

As always there are 2 sides of the story but from inside sources this disagreement has been going on for a long while and this was a way to try to get a resolution.

Pat hundley is the owner of the Day Star Properties in Jaco.

In 2012, he publicly announced that it would build a stadium in Jaco for $ 4.7 million for the World Women’s Under-17.

In 2011, his corporation, CW Playco, contributed ¢ 15 million to finance the campaign of the National Liberation Party (PLN).

We will continue to keep you updated as more details come out and more information is released. These are allegations and no one has been found guilty as of yet.


The Public Ministry today confirmed they have detained two notaries, a woman with the last name Fernandez and a man with the last name Mora as accomplices in the alleged real estate scam in Jaco.

Update on the Pat Hundley case……. He is to be locked up for the next 60 days while the case is sorted out and his lawyers for the next 30.

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