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OIJ Breaks Up Car Theft Ring in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Six different groups have been involved in an elaborate scheme of stealing cars to sell for  parts. This was happening all over Costa Rica. The OIJ of Alajuela has dismantled this large criminal group.

costa rica car theft ringThere were a total of 15 raids carried out, which resulted in arresting the alleged ringleader, Acosta. Two of his family members were also arrested. The others who were caught go by the surnames Barquero, Delgado, Ramírez, Castro, Gómez, Jiménez, Murillo, Chaves, Miranda and González.

Since February of last year, there were 47 complaints made against this group. They are said to have stolen cars in at least ten towns. 60 cars have been recovered since tracking the group.

These include Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Chevrolet brands, among others.

The cars were mostly stolen when owners neglected them, leaving them unattended on streets or in unguarded lots. Most were given over to groups who disarm them and separate the parts. Other times, extortion calls were made and the cars were returned to the owners.

Nineteen others are related to the case and will be arrested in the next few days on charges of aggravated robbery, theft, extortion and laundering.

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