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Obituary Helps Find Person Linked to Costa Rica’s 5Dimes Sportsbok & Money Laundering

Costa Rica News – A possible owner of the 5Dimes sportsbook has been found via an obituary for the death of Marianne Creighton.

5 dimes casino and sportsbookThe only child of this woman and Sean Creighton is Allison Stawarz.

Allison’s name is linked to money laundering using a scheme involving betting with Amazon gift cards. When tracking the woman they were able to make a connection to Pennsylvania and then find her relationship to her mother mentioned in the obituary.

The Department of Homeland Security also linked her father to the sports betting business.

The authorities were alerted to a series of high cost Amazon purchases from the same IP address and a domain in Costa Rica.

The Pennsylvania home of Ms. Stawarz received from the shopping portal gold valued at $ 168,000 and a safe that cost $700.

She also received about $483,000 in six other currencies.


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