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NJ Fisherman Relocates for Los Suenos Fishing

Costa Rica Outdoors News – You know when boat captains are packing up and heading down to Los Suenos off of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast it must be some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. 

los suenos fishing 1Capt. Pete Wagner, of Hyper Striper from Twin Lights Marina in Highlands, is back in Los Suenos, Costa Rica for a winter of fishing for sailfish with his Dream Girl — and there’s nothing bad that can be said about that relocation.

Wagner reports that Dr David Buist, who fishes during the summer with Capt. Russ Binns out of Toms River, was down with some family last week and had a super trip.

“They had some great sailfishing with eight dorados (dolphin) and 10 sail releases one day, before opting for bottom fishing the following day — when 65 groupers from small “fritos” (2-6-pounders) were taken plus some larger ones in the teens — and a bunch of the ocean whitefish that look like the small tilefish. Lots of fillet for the boys…

Bobby Lee and the boys from Whitewater Marine in Long Island were out with us on Tuesday as eight wahoo were iced in the a.m. off a floating log, before we released six sails in the afternoon.

Wednesday, the Bob Centamore party from Gillette were down and we released 10 sails in the 80-110 lb class by day’s end.

Really nice fishing….”

That sounds good to me after trying some surfcasting at Sea Girt this morning. It wasn’t bad on the beach, but a fairly large swell created a rough surf which isn’t what you want for school stripers in mid-winter. I had done well there exactly a year ago casting the 6-inch Tsunami Swim Eel, but there was no sign of life this morning.

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By Al Ristori,

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