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Nicaragua’s Day of Friendship With Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Nicaragua has advanced in declaring July 30th as the official “Day of Friendship with Costa Rica.”

Most Ticos are probably laughing at this. I wonder if on that day they will take a break from welcoming us at their borders with giant guns.

Costa Rica agreed to process a similar bill but it has not even materialized into as much as a draft yet. The Tico Congress treats the initiative with disdain, although 16 Tico legislators agreed to it on a trip to Nicaragua in November.

It strikes most of us as contradictory, this day of friendship, as the Ortega government’s actions and speeches irritate Costa Ricans. He put his army’s gunships up against fishing boats in Costa Rican waters.

He claimed “co-ownership” of Bolanos Island. There are, also, two ongoing lawsuits between the countries in the Court of The Hague.

Many Nicaraguans and Ticos are friends and might enjoy celebrating this day of friendship but coming from the government it seems false.

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