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New Roller Coaster at Costa Rica’s Parque de Diversiones Amusement Park

Costa Rica News – For all of you that are looking for an adrenaline rush on the weekend, head over to Costa Rica’s Parque de Diversiones Amusement Park for your fix. Although it is no Six Flags or Space Mountain in Disney World, it will get your blood flowing.

Boomerang is not for cowards. To get on the Amusement Park’s newest attraction must ignore your nerves, take your courage with you, take a deep breath and be ready for an explosive injection of adrenaline while on the roller coaster that opened today.

Susanne Carazo, Marketing Director for the Park, gave some reasons that this is a intense attraction at Parque de Diversiones.

The highest point of Boomerang, is 36 meters, which is equivalent to a 12 story building. Beside the rails are two stair cases of 175 steps each.

There are seven carts for up to four people secured with a belt and harness.

Huge generators inject enough power for cars “gain momentum”, which move the carts to precisely the highest point of attraction.

In seconds the seven carts will be fired at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, curves and slopes to the other peak of the mountain.

Once up, the seven trolleys return to the starting point, but do so in reverse, so you will be traveling backwards through these twists and turns.

In total, it is 285 meters of thrills that lasts 120 seconds.

With the arrival of Boomerang, the park now has has two roller coasters, the other is called Bocaracá, which is 18 meters high and has been around for 8 years.

In total, the Amusement Park has 36 attractions, among which are the City Transformer, Disko, Plaza Uncle Rabbit, Tornado and Old Town.

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