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New Laws for Riteve; The CR Vehicle Inspection

Costa Rica News – How many of us have had to take our vehicles to Riteve; Costa Rica’s stringent vehicle inspection? How many of us have had that vehicle fail the first time through the inspection process? Did you ever just wish you had a gun to point at that inspection officer? (just kidding) It seems that some people however really wanted their vehicles to pass the inspection process and did cross this line.

Recomendaciones de vendedores y RITEVE para comprar vehículos usados.There are already strict laws about vehicle inspections, and many drivers find ways to trick the system. The tendencies are being studied and the inspectors are made aware of tricks to look for.

Alterations are typically made in the brakes and tires. Drivers have even found ways to hide the gas emissions created by their cars. These changes are very risky to the drivers, others on the roads, and the inspectors.

The new law prohibits drivers from bringing a car into the inspection sites with any weapons inside. You know, when a law is made, it’s because the issue has been a problem. Why have people been bringing weapons along to vehicle inspections?

Since these tricks are easily detectable by the inspectors, and 48% of cars have been failing the test, drivers have resorted to bringing vicious dogs to sit in the back seat or leaving weapons on the dashboard to intimidate the inspectors. Some have used weapons to break glass at the shops. One bus driver, when he was told his fire extinguisher was expired, took the extinguisher and sprayed it at the boss of the inspection area!

A mechanical worker in Guapiles, Jose Alpizar, stated that “What people do not understand is that their ‘macgyver’ will not work anymore and instead, they will end up having a hard blow to the wallet.”

Cosevi, the road safety council, approved the new regulations last week. It is now completely prohibited to enter an inspection site with any kind of weapon or “anything else that threatens the life of the inspectors.”

Soon, inspectors will be able to refuse or fail anyone whose behaviors do not meet basic rules of respect. The specific “rules of respect” will be decided on and can take effect in a month.

Those who fail the test must pay for the needed alterations to make their vehicle safe and then pay to retake the test, which is about $20. Another rule that is being added is that one must present a drivers license when getting a car tested. This, again, should be obvious, but why not make laws about it to be extra clear? In 2003, 71% of cars failed the test on the first inspection, in contrast the rate was 48% in 2013.

So just for future knowledge you should leave your machetes and 38 specials at home when you go get your vehicle inspected.  I honestly cannot believe that this law had to be implemented as I would have thought that threatening a anyone  with a weapon would already have been an offense punishable by law.  But maybe it only applies to certain places or people.

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