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Multiplaza Launches ‘App’ for Android, iOS and Blackberry

Costa Rica News – Well for all of those that are headed to the mall this weekend either Multiplaza Escazu or Multiplaza Este, you can download an app to make your visit a little more efficient. Buying movie tickets, finding new stores and remembering where you left your car are some of the features the new application of Multiplaza malls, both Escazu and East.

multiplaza appThe app is available for users of devices Android , iOS and Blackberry and can be downloaded for free.

Once installed, users will have access to a menu where you can see among other things, updates on stores, a map of the mall, the movie page, food and buy tickets online, event dates, games and offers, and other items.

They may also make check-in, ie register your visit to the mall and use the e-Parking, to remember where they left their car.

In addition, store information and promotions can be shared on social networks, through the application.

In the Android store, Google Play already some reviews on the new app. One of the users identified as Rosa said: “I think it’s great, the only bad thing is that it is installed in memory (external) of the phone as it is very heavy and take up much space in the internal memory. Fix it. ”

While other two users Punga and Anderson commented: “Excellent app” “Very very good, congratulations.”

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