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Miss Costa Rica Ignites New Miss Universe Controversy After Steve Harvey Gaffe

Costa Rica Entertainment News – Just when the Miss Universe event couldn’t get more dramatic, fresh controversy emerged when sarcastic comments were posted on a contestant’s Facebook page about a rival’s traditional dress.

The comment made on Miss Costa Rica contestant Brenda Castro’s page said: ‘It looks like Miss Guatemala completely forgot what type of event she’s in. What do you think?’

The comment was making a reference to Fabiola Jeimmy Tahiz Aburto, Miss Guatemala, who wore a traditional Mayan dress with a flower print.

miss costa rica brenda castro 1

Miss Costa Rica contestant Brenda Castro is not thought to be behind the comments about Miss Guatemala Fabiola Jeimmy Tahiz Aburto.

A statement was later posted on Miss Costa Rica official Facebook page revealing the page administrator had been removed. ‘A page administrator has been sacked after he made a post about the evening dress of Miss Guatemala. We apologise for any offence,’ the statement read.

Outraged by the inappropriate comments, many Guatemalans labelled it an attack on their national heritage.

On the Miss Guatemala official Facebook page it said: ‘This is an insult to our culture and to our traditional Mayan tailors. We hope this comment was a mistake.’

The Miss Universe event was already branded a farce after host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant.

Why don’t we call them as we see them administrator of the Miss Costa Rica facebook page…… your candidate dressed up as a coffee plant.  Now in all honesty who looked more ridiculous? Miss Guatemala decked out in her traditional clothing or Miss Costa Rica dressed as a plant? (pictured below)

From Daily Mail, Last Sentence added by Dan Stevens

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