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Mama Bombon’s Chocolate Headed to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Business News – Mama Bombon is a chocolatier. Her confections are treats full of enthusiastic wonder. She’s been in Cambridge a couple of years and loves it here.

mama bombons chocolate costa rica 1Mama’s real name is Gloria Dominguez. Next month she is setting off to Costa Rica on a “magical adventure” with her 8-year old son Ramon, staying on an organic cacao farm and finding out more about the way cacao is grown, harvested, roasted, ground and pressed.

“I’ll be staying at La Iguana farm, in the middle of the rainforest,” she said of her sabbatical. “They have 3,500 cacao trees and they’ve been doing this for 30 years, they’re asking for help. At some point I can do more because I can make the chocolate, I want to help make the chocolate. They sell their chocolate to Selfridges under another name.”

La Iguana is apparently the only farm left in the region: the others contracted a virus and the owners have moved on to “other forms of sustainable living”, such as permaculture.

Gloria has been a chocolatier for 10 years and, of course, has worries about stepping outside her comfort zone. “All kinds of things are covered, like fear of animals and fear of financial worries, but I want to do it and all these good things can happen.”

You have to admire her pluck, it’s the call of the true entrepreneur, to keep going despite the possibility of setbacks, in the hope and belief you can learn something new along the way . . .

We’ll be proud hosts of Gloria’s blog – Mama Bombon’s Magical Adventure – which will commence when she arrives at La Iguana next month.

Gloria’s trip is sponsored by 3D printing specialists Dovetailed. We’ve extolled the virtues of Dovetailed on these pages before, and it will be interesting to see how Vaiva and her team, in their off-Mill Road lair, cope with replicating Gloria’s chocolates. If they get it right they will conquer the world!

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