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Luxurious Costa Rica Villa One of the Priciest Rentals in the World for the Christmas Holiday Week

I am all for families and people splurging for a vacation during the holidays, but there are some rentals that I can think of a much better way to spend the money.

Hacienda Santa Ines, up for rent on, is the priciest property available on the four vacation rental sites we surveyed (,, Airbnb, and

Located in Turrialba, Costa Rica the 10-room, 12-bathroom villa situated on 300 acres in Costa Rica’s Tres Rios mountain range is asking a whopping $192,000 for the holiday week.

While beautiful I think only the most affluent of the people in the world, could even think about renting this villa.  I would hate to have to report that income to the hacienda in Costa Rica.  

If they did not report it before, the Forbes article that mentioned Hacienda Santa Ines will have a tax collector come a knocking soon.

To Check it Out go to

hacienda santa ines 6

hacienda santa ines main

hacienda santa ines 3

hacienda santa ines 2

hacienda santa ines 4

hacienda santa ines 5


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