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Looking for Information About Costa Rica Vacations & Tourism? Head to Expoviajes

Costa Rica Events – The Expoviajes 2016 festival started on Friday at 1 p.m. and is ongoing through Sunday April 10th. The hours are from 10-7.

If you are involved in the tourism industry in any way, this is where you should be right now…or you should be following what’s happening there, at least.

It’s happening at the Convention Center Hotel Herradura. Travel agencies are there offering specialization and market segmentation in every direction. 2016 is all about specialized packages to perfectly meet the needs of any group.

Expoviajes 2016 costa rica 1

This year is sure to please those wanting to tour Costa Rica for a birthday trip, with a school group, or on a honeymoon, in a group of senior citizens or on a tour of gay hotspots.

Expoviajes has 75 companies including airlines, tour companies and travel agencies. Some offer breathtaking nature hikes while others offer high end all inclusives. One group offers an all inclusive quinceanera package with many gifts for $1,800.

Some of the groups participating in the event specialize in bringing people for sporting events or specific festivals. One works only with groups of teens and college grads. Every niche seems to be covered.

Ckeck out the Expoviajes Website

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