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Life as a Costa Rica Prostitute

Once inside, you hear the deafening music, colored lights and you lose yourself. Once seated in the chairs you realize where you are and what the place is like. The show begins with the opening of a curtain and she comes out and begins to dance. The lights are on her and she moves her hips to the rhythm of music. She hides the pain that is going on in her heart,and soul but if you look deep into her eyes you can see the anguish.

Its patent leather boots, its black lingerie and eye-catching red lips for the spectators. However, her bulging eyes show their grief and despair of being half-naked in a brothel. She starts crawling on the floor and rises in the tube as anyone in this room can. She moves like a goddess and captivates the eyes of everyone regardless of sex or age.

Enter the second song and she starts to undress. Her body is battered by life and through your body sweat from her forehead and down. Her face shows no feelings and shows her drugged eyes. She is the star and the show is unparalleled.

Her name is Amy and she is 22 years. She began working in a brothel since she was 18 years. Her mother does not work and has a baby and 2 younger sisters with children who has to maintain. “I worked in sales in a call center and my salary was $ 800, but that’s not enough for me to support my family and my baby, my boyfriend unfortunately died and can not help me.”

The salary of the girls is $ 20 the day, and constantly complain about cuts that make for late arrivals. “We have all children and is very difficult to find someone I care for them.” Often the recesses are $ 10.

“We have to support from older men, fat, untidy and lesbian people. Many of  them are disrespectful and have no right to say anything because if we do they throw us.” The rooms are in the back and hot tubs at the top. Pimping is illegal and yet the laws of Costa Rica do nothing to investigate about this.

Karina is 16 years old and she sale her body at Casino King to the highest bidder. And so many other girls in Costa Rica that are prostitutes. The OIJ do not work if there is any demand. Costa Rica is well known for sex tourism and the authorities do not know how to arrest the traffickers of minors or prostitutes under 15 years.

Another example of these are the prostitutes that are hidden under the name of models. In this case the price ranging from $ 3000 to $ 5000 per night. Many of them are minor and are managed by a person under the pseudonym of The Madame.

Politicians and senior officials use these services regardless of age of the girls. Costa Rica does not have a system for identifying false identification papers and has sufficient authority to prosecute a person or a local.

The massage parlors are another example of pandering. The municipality of San Jose does not give permits to these premises for such activities, but do not have the authority to close the premises in case of default.

By Carolina Calvo

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  1. Anonymous said:

    Blame the church! This is the underlying factor of your humilty. You live in a nation with midevil thought processes…even your own..LESBIANS, (real sincere and thoughtful) taken from a disproven faith called Catholicism whose church leaders relish in gambling, premeditated hate crimes and sex with minors. Finding a more positive path of self rightness would be a step to betterment of your Tico existense. I apoligize on being so critical and seeminlgy harsh but its not a challenge for any outsider to see this as a hindrance to Costa Ricas economy. All its non structured political workings are mandated by some ancient religion that has failed time after time.

  2. gordon said:

    Where does the $5,000 dollar amount?? IF so no wonder they are doing this fast easy money. HOWEVER, I do not believe someone paying that amount maybe $300 or $500. Wonder if is not a misprint. Sad too see the minor being exploited by their own families. Sad!

  3. Puffthemagicdragon said:

    Bunch of sick fucks feed this industry. Disgusting. I did it once in Tamarindo and I am truly ashamed and will try to repent for my sin until the day I die.


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