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Liberty Reserve Founder Pleads Not Guilty

Costa Rica News – I’d say a scandal is pretty huge when the suspect doesn’t even try to request bail. This is what played out in the case of 40 year old Arthur Budovsky. It all started back in May 2013 when seven people from Liberty Reserve were indicted on various charges.

liberty reserve scandalBudovsky, a Ukrainian Costa Rican, plead not guilty to charges of laundering billions of dollars through an organized online bank crime. He was detained in Spain first and then extradited to the US for a scheme based in Costa Rica. The world is working together on this one.

I guess they would have to since $6,000 million allegedly went through this guy’s hands between ‘06 and 2013. While his attorney says the case has been exaggerated, Budovsky didn’t request bail. His trial won’t begin until September 21st of next year, and until then he will remain in prison.

The news earlier this year was that not only did he launder money but he used it for things like drug trafficking and child pornography. 52 terabytes of evidence information already exists for this case.

A few weeks ago Maxim Chukharev, who was head of Liberty Reserve Technology, was declared guilty of conspiring to operate this illegal system.

The system was advertised as one of the “oldest, safest and most popular payment processors … serving millions all around the world,” and it got a million users before being shut down by the US government.

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