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Lava Gushing From Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano

Costa Rica News – There is a lot of worry that Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano is ready to blow. It has already caused flight cancellations and is gushing lava according to volcanologist.

volcano turrialba erruptionIn the last several days the Turrialba volcano has been relatively calm, continuing to spew ash and gases, but, a much reduced rate than the last ‘violent’ eruption Tuesday night.

However, it does not mean we can relax. Nor should we panic.

According to experts, like Guillermo Alvarado, volcanologist for the National Seismological Network and the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (RSN-ICE), who said “the Turrilalba volcano is gradually inflating”.

Alvarado told Turrialba area residents and municipal authorities, to prepare for the worst case scenario. However, he reiterated it is difficult to predict what the volcano will do.

The expert says there is a ‘huge’ accumulation of material and there are two possible scenarios: it will come out gradually (little by little as so far it has been done) or, the volcano is going to “go off” (blow).

One of the questions raised by those attending the lecture held at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), Turrialba campus, is about the possibility that volcanic activity generating an earthquake.

“There is the possibility of a volcanic earthquake, clearly. But remember that in Costa Rica earthquakes occur every four years, thus we cannot attribute an earthquake only to the volcano”.

The expert also spoke about the possibility that of lava gushing from the colossus.

According to Alvarado, it is already gushing, but as pulverized rock in the form of ash.

From QCostaRica Edited by Dan Stevens

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