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Latinas Mas Bellas Presents Sandy Rojas

Costa Rica News – The past weekend was filled with great music, DJs, and beautiful women in San Jose and Playa Jaco Costa Rica.  PlayerXT and their Latinas Mas Bellas pulled off an incredible showcase that attracted actors from Combate, Costa Rican newspapers and media, and some of the most gorgeous women in Costa Rica.  The Costa Rican Times would like to introduce another one of those women, Sandy Rojas.  

Sandy Rojas is a beautiful 23 year old that was born in Quepos, Costa Rica.  Quepos is a small paradise, its mountains, rivers, landscapes, people and beaches make it a very welcoming place. She and her sisters were raised in a solid, loving family here.

This is how she described herself and we liked her honesty and the words she used.

“I am a dreamer. I love to laugh and make my friends laugh. I am very attentive and I talk a lot. I love animals and I hate those who mistreat them. I like to travel, visit beaches, conquer mountains (mountain bike), and go to the gym. I’m love to read and listen to music.  Her favorite bands are Guns n Roses, Coldplay and Foo Fighters.”

“I am a very good friend, that always has my feet on the ground. I know that beauty is not forever. I love to sit and have a good conversation. I always give thanks to God for the wonderful life I have been provided! I like modeling but do not depend on it to provide for myself.  I do it in my free time if I get get a few modelling jobs I accept them and enjoy them.”

Her  family is her engine. They have a business and in which the entire family works. She is a person with many dreams for the future. The most important dreams are taking care of the family business and studying physical education.  She loves sports and being involved with children in this capacity.

She loves mountain biking, and where she lives there are many beautiful places to explore and there is nothing better than biking  and with her cycling buddies. Her favorite place is certainly the beach. She loves to tan, watch a beautiful sunset, and attend bonfires at night. She loves life by the ocean.

She does not know her favorite movie because she likes so many and many different genres but among her favorites are  The Hangover, The Twilight Saga, Grown Ups, The Blind Side, Toy Story and Madagascar.

These were a few questions we asked Sandy.

Regarding your first kiss, where and how old?

En Highschool, 14 years old

 Describe your perfect guy.

Attentive, caring, sincere, sociable and that makes me laugh always!

What do you want to do in your future?

Traveling when  my career is concluded.

 Describe your Family.

My family is very close. We are 3 sisters, my mother and 2 nephews, I am the youngest. We all live apart but close We have a super market and the work we have had the store for 5 years and thanks God it is going super well!

Favorite Costa Rica Moment.

One of my favorite moments was when I went to the stunning beaches of Guanacaste on a trip went my favorite PLAYA CONCHAL!


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