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La Niña Causes Costa Rica to Import Coffee Beans

Costa Rican coffee is well known through out the world and it was once one of the country’s top export commodities.

Recently however, the harvest of coffee beans has been on the decline mainly because of changing weather conditions, killing a portion of their crops which subsequently leads to less harvest.

Back in 2007-2008, roughly 1.87 million bags of coffee beans were being produced in Costa Rica. Data provided by the United States Department of Agriculture shows that the country’s production has been on the decline from this figure for the past three seasons, and estimates that this year’s harvest will only amount to about 1.64 million bags. Each bag of coffee weighs 60 kilograms.

Coffee farmers blame La Niña, the counter part of El Niño for the drop of coffee bean production. La Niña is a weather phenomenon where the surface temperature is higher than usual, causing excessive rainfall.  The only way to meet the quotas for roasters and farmers was to import.

Roaster and farmers have reportedly been importing tens of thousands of bags annually for the past three years from Mexico, Peru, and Brazil to be able to keep up with demand. Experts speculate that this figure could increase up to the 150,000 range this year.

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