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Killer Whales Hunt Tiger Shark in the Waters off Costa Rica (Video)

Costa Rica News – Planning on going in the water this weekend in Costa Rica? A video was taken in the ocean off the coast of Costa Rica that reveals a battle underwater. An amazing sequence that shows  how several orcas (killer whales) hunt a tiger shark near Cocos Island.

The video was taken by Colombian dive master Edwar Herreño.

The video’s caption on Vimeo is “After 20 years diving, 10 of them at Cocos Island; she gave me the most incredible experience so far at sea. We were witness of how 6 killer whales hunted, killed and fed on a tiger shark. just unreal experience!!! I just filled my tank for 20 more years ;)”

According to La Nacion,  Marine biologist Damian Martinez that works for the the National System of Conservation Areas of Costa Rica, watched the video and says that the adult orcas are giving a hunting lesson to their child.

Killer Whales are not usually found in Costa Rica. but the largest numbers of them are found during September in Costa Rican waters.

The tiger shark is the top predator on the food chain in the waters around Cocos Island.

Undersea Hunter Group, the company that made the video, leads diving expeditions around Cocos Island.

The King’s Fall from Edwar Herreño on Vimeo.


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