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Kapil Hariyani; Missing Person in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – We need you help to locate a missing person in Costa Rica. 

We were contacted by this person’s brother and he wants anyone’s help to find his missing sibling.

This is the email we received from his brother.

I would very much appreciate if you could help me in my search to find my missing brother Kapil Hariyani  in Costa Rica. 
He arrived in Costa Rica on Feb 20/21, 2017 and his last known location is Between Calle 10, San Jose Costa Rica and 10101 San Jose Costa Rica.
I spoke to him last on Feb 22, 2017 after which he has been missing. We have tried a lot of routes to search him and seek your help.
I am hopeful that if this missing advertisement is posted in your newspaper, we would be able to find some help from people reading it. Please let me know the procedure or requirements to do the same as my brother is of Indian nationality. 
Please find attached a picture of him with details  both in English and Spanish and added my contact too. I request your help in this need and would be very grateful if you offer to do so.
Anjali Hariyani
Email –[email protected]
Phone – 617 899 -4094

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