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Journey Into the Paranormal; The Gold Rush Ghosts Saga

Ghosts & the Paranormal – We were investigating three areas this day, that is known for paranormal activity. The first area is the Broadway Cemetery. I have taken my dogs the late T-Rex (Chow) and Pika to this cemetery and Pika once came upon an area and started barking frantically and going around a circle as if there was someone there. There was no one there, but yet he was focused in this area of nothingness. It would be interesting to see if Pika will have the same reaction on this day, Sunday April 13, 2008.

Diamond Springs CemeteryAs we surveyed the cemetery using sound enhancers, digital audio recorders, video cameras, digital cameras, temperature gauges, electro-magnetic field readers, we came upon some interesting tombstones. We found one that belongs to the late Margaret Harrigan, that reads: “not as dead, but gone before”. I pondered…”what the heck does that mean?” Oh well, as we moved along, Robert notifies me that his video camera at one location indicates 60 minutes left on his battery, as he left that area, then it read 114 minutes left on his battery. It is theorized, that entities are able to drain energy from power poles, batteries and even from people. This was a good possibility. 

The historical characters at this cemetery are as follows: John A. Sutter, Jr. (built Sutter’s Fort and established an empire called New Helvetia); Hardin Bigelow (credited for building Sacramento’s first levee system); Newton Booth (lawyer, merchant and politician); General George Wright (fought in Seminole War / Mexican War / Indian Campaigns in the Pacific Northwest); Edwin Bryant Crocker (Justice on California’s Supreme Court circa 1863); Jesse Haycock (one of the victims of the cholera epidemic that killed over a thousand Sacramenteans in 1850); Mark Hopkins (Forty-Niner – one of railroad’s legendary ‘Big Four’); Albert Maver Winn (Sacramento’s first city council member in 1849); William Stephen Hamilton (first Treasurer of the United States – son of Alexander Hamilton); Governor John Bigler (California’s 3rd governor in 1852); Capt. James T. Homans USN (earliest known burial circa 1858).

At the Mark Hopkins tomb, Danielle & Brian at another time, were drawn to this area. When Catherine Noble used her divining rods, they started responding to this location. Nancy, a top-notch proven psychic was able to touch the above-the-ground tomb and pin-point where Mark Hopkins lay and where his wife was laying. Nancy is pretty incredible, just recently I went to the town of Paradise with Pika to pick up a Rat-Terrier female dog named HPI (pronounced Hippie) Sally. I brought the dog home and placed her in the garage with Pika. I went to take a shower and came out to the garage and HPI Sally was gone, she went through a small hole in the fence. The next day Nancy emailed me and gave me the directions that HPI Sally went and told me that my neighbor to my left either had my dog or saw the dog. She was correct on all accounts, the directions that Nancy gave me were dead-on. Nancy’s directions leads to the Laguna Wetlands. The neighbor to my left had stopped me and told me she saw HPI Sally running with another terrier (color black) in the Laguna Wetlands. Later Nancy told me that HPI Sally was running around with a dark colored dog and she feels HPI Sally’s heart beating, so she is still alive.

Pika found a location that he got excited at, it was the tombstone of A.C. Kidder, the tombstone reads: “Born 1825 – We Shall Meet in the Morning”. Pika stayed at this location as if he was interacting with something that we could not see. Nancy Bradley feels a high energy level at the grave site of Elizabeth Bryte. The divining rods picked up strong energy at the Masonic grave site of P.L. Lykins. Nancy demonstrates how you can feel energy. You must close your eyes and when your body starts leaning towards a certain direction, your body picks up on the energy, you have an imbalance or like I would call it…’a vertigo moment’. Nancy Bradley came upon the gravesite of Velma Frances Bradley and she was determined to find out how she died, since she carries the same last name. As Nancy concentrated, she determined that Velma died of a breathing problem, possibly pneumonia. Nancy also points out an interesting area and felt like it was an unmarked grave. We came upon 12 tombstones that were marked with the year of death as 1964, for all 12 tombstones. Nancy determined they all died in a major fire, she could feel a rush of heat (like fire) that went from her feet to her head.

Robert Reppert discovered areas that should be walkways from various markers that have been placed in the ground, but yet grave sites dotted the walkways, which was very unusual. Brian gets a reading of 3.4 on his EMF Reader at the grave site of Mary E. Bawden and being a sensitive, he was being bombarded with messages in his mind, as if the late Ms. Bawden was trying to relate her story to him. Pika again stopped at another location, the Stafford tombstone and became excited. It appeared he was detecting something at this grave site.

After we left the Broadway Cemetery, we convoyed back to Nancy Bradley’s home. I had an enjoyable ride with Catherine Noble in my car, as she told me some of her interesting guests, that she has on her Diamond Springs Cemetery 2show ‘Journey into the Paranormal’. Catherine is a very fascinating woman that has had many experiences herself and it was a pleasure to hear about her adventures.

At Nancy Bradley’s home, we debriefed and prepared to get ready for the next two investigations, while enjoying pizza and sodas. The next location was the Diamond Springs Cemetery. Lead Investigator: Paul Dale Roberts. I gave everyone a briefing that Nancy Bradley, Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe and I, did a preliminary investigation at this cemetery. I was using a Listen Up Sound Enhancer and picked up a little girl’s voice, that say…”hey, you”. Nancy was able to pick up the area of the little girl’s gravesite. As we left this cemetery, the little girl beckoned me with a “hey”, as if she was trying to get my attention.

We came back to this cemetery to see if we could make contact again with the little girl. Instead of using a Listen Up Sound Enhancer, we had a much larger sound enhancer that had recording capabilities. I was using this high tech sound enhancer as I combed the cemetery. I had all of the investigators attempt to get some EVPs. At 3:38pm, I picked up what sounded like a man whistling at the gravesite of “John, son of J & E Stanley”. Pika at this location, did not detect any paranormal activity, he was too busy digging into gopher holes. When he was done digging, he was a filthy mess.

Finally the third area of investigation the lead investigators were Liz Harrison and Millieanne Jackson. The area of question is called the Wal-Mart Grove. Nearby Robert Reppert found an old farmhouse in which he used a metal detector and found old soup cans circa the 1800s. The area in question Millieanne has picked up what she calls ‘Indian energy’. The energy at this area has a calming effect. The calming effect is suitable for Brian Abeel to use his windpipe and play a song that was dedicated to his deceased cat named Booker. I can feel Brian’s pain, since I recently lost my Chow named T-Rex. It was a great way to start the investigation into the Wal-Mart Grove, where there is a lot of positive energy from a time long ago.

Since Nancy Bradley is a renowned American psychic, she teaches her investigators to use their sixth sense in an investigation. Nancy tells me I have a sixth sense, but as a journalist and a ghosthunter, I still enjoy the findings done by scientific means. That is where Nancy’s husband steps in, he uses the scientific approach of discovery and seeks out to prove or disprove impressions that are felt in certain areas. The only sensitive that Robert can’t disprove is his own wife Nancy. Nancy can get an impression at a certain location and Robert can follow it up later with either photographic evidence or a captured EVP.

Paul Dale Roberts

HPI International, Ghost Hunter

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