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Journalism Internship Program Launches in CR

Costa Rica News – You love writing articles, producing videos, and knowing the latest of what’s happening, but do you want to do all that in a cramped up office, just like all the other interns in your class? All you see are copy machines, stacks of papers, filled up trash bins, and used coffee cups. And your only source of motivation is the editor-in-chief’s cute secretary.

costa rican times internsship guideIf you’re an intern who just wants to get over with the semester then you’ll do fine in this setup. But if you’re the kind of intern who has the passion to write and make a difference, in your own self and in the world, start the change with your workplace. Get out of your comfort zone. Join the The Costa Rican Times Journalism Internship Program.

Crack your eggshell open and feel alive. Learn journalism while you experience the best of Costa Rica. The CRT Journalism Internship Program will help you enhance the skills required for job placement, gain access to networking opportunities within the journalism industry, and acquire life lessons by experiencing a foreign culture. Our experts push the interns to their limits, as we live by the motto “Work Hard, Play Hard”. Our interns rise up every morning to a healthy breakfast and head on to their classes, workshops, and seminars, with some of Costa Rica’s notable journalism experts.

Every day, the interns acquire and enhance their skills in tri-media: print, radio, and tv/video. And on Fridays, the interns go out to experience the amazing beauty of Costa Rica, with trips to the country’s best beaches, volcanoes, and rainforests. Interns also go through mandatory community service in Playa Hermosa. That’s 4 weeks of learning, work, fun, and overwhelming life-changing activities.

If you are interested in participating in this intern program click here.

The CRT Journalism Internship Program is an all-inclusive program that provides a learning environment with the necessary equipment, facilities, and support system to help make the interns successful. Our interns come from different places in the world, while are professional staff members are mostly from Costa Rica, Canada, and the US. The program includes accommodation, food, airport transfers, travel and medical insurance, Visa support, weekend tours, daily transportation, access to media equipment, access to trained staff members, and free calls to the US.

Apart from that elite reputation you’re going to get from being an intern abroad, a study from Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) showed that interns who study abroad come back with increased awareness of their own culture and of others, self-confidence and value of others, and overall maturity on the way they decide for their education, career, and family.

“Learning about journalism, radio, newspaper operations, community service, and social media are an important part of the program we are offering, but the most important lessons that we will be teaching will be about life and becoming the incredible person you have inside each and every one of you. There is the person you are and the person you should be.  One day those 2 people are going to meet and it is going to make an incredible human being.  We want to help you on that journey.” — Dan Stevens, CEO and Editor, Costa Rican Times

Start your path to success with the Costa Rican Times Journalism Internship Program and be the best person for the job. After 4 weeks of working hard and playing hard, you’ll never be the same person again.

If you are interested in participating in this intern program click here.

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