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Illegal Fishing Around Costa Rica’s Isla del Coco

Costa Rica News – Park rangers in the area of Isla del Coco found three devices used to attract fish.

isla de coco costa rica fishing 1This represents two crimes, the first being illegal fishing in a national park and the second being using these devices which are illegal in the whole country.

The way the devices work is by attracting fish and causing a large congregation of them around the device, making it easy to catch them.

Fish like tuna, dorado, marlin, sailfish and billfish have a tendency to cluster under floating objects.

These devices are harmful to the ecosystem and the food chain because they produce a predator effect that is irresponsible according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of Fisheries.

Divers were needed in order to remove the devices which had become tangled up in the coral in the protected marine area.

One was found to be attached to a buoy radio and tracking system. Six similar devices were found in 2014.


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