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Ice is Snow? SnowFun Park in Costa Rica Opens with Unhappy Clients

Costa Rica News – The SnowFun park in City Mall opened with a lack of snow, leaving the initial customers dissatisfied.

snowfun park costa ricaMost people say they did not see snow but rather ice. They made “icemen” instead of snowmen.

The park was advertised as offering three attractions; an ice slide on which people go snowtubing, a team snowball fight area complete with helmets, and a snowmen making area.

The general manager and CEO of SnowFun tried to better the situation by explaining the difference between snow, ice and water. They basically insisted that they are the same, claiming that it seems like ice but is actually snow at a different temperature.

Many guests were disillusioned, claiming they were cheated out of over $30. They expected a floor covered with snow.

They expected to see snow in its normal form, white flakes. Instead they got to stand on a floor of ice.

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