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ICE Cancels Costa Rica Solar Power Pilot Program Due to Government Bureaucracy

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s government or perhaps almost every government seems to never have the best interests of its country and its population.  

solar power ice costa ricaCosta Rica keeps trying to push its “green” image but yet when programs are in place to try to follow through in this government entities trip over each other on the way to that final destination.

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute will not continue the pilot program for a solar energy plan that started in 2010, even though there is much interest in this type of power generation.

The initiative injected 10 megawatts of solar power into the grid. Installing any new panels, however, is impossible.

This is due to the prevalent bureaucracy problems in the country.

It’s been paralyzed since February 6th, awaiting the regulation of permits from the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the fixed rates by the authority that regulates public services, ARESEP.

The pilot program did its job and hopefully it can be continued after April 15th, the date when Minae and Aresep should have the details worked out and ICE should be given permission and access to the national grid.

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