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Human Head Placed on Automobile as Message to Mexican President

Mexico (AFP).- A human head was left on Friday on the roof of a car in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca (center) and inside the vehicle apparently was the rest of the body, state prosecutors said.

The police corps received an anonymous tip that warned that in a central street in Cuernavaca (Morelos state capital, located 90 km south of Mexico City) there was a car covered by a blanket with a written message, prosecutors said State to the press in a statement.

The police found inside the vehicle “a black bag, apparently, with the body of the man whose head appeared on the car,” the report added.

The text advises the president on alleged links with drug traffickers and extortionists senior military and police, and indicates that the head belongs to one of these criminals.

Over 50,000 people have died since December 2006 when it launched an operation against drugs in much of the country, most of them, according to the government, due to conflicts between drug traffickers.

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