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How to Build in Costa Rica Without Permits……..

Costa Rica News – For anyone that has gone through the permitting process for building anything in Costa Rica, it is a process that is about as fun as a root canal. Is there a way to avoid this? There might be.

bulding a house in costa ricaThe government can get away with anything it seems. The Legislative Assembly is currently seeking an option for building a new building for Congress without going through the permit processing ordinarily required by law.

Banco de Costa Rica requested that the Congressional authorities send a letter to the Director of National Buildings of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Luis Gonzalez.

This letter asked for clarification on whether the legislature is in fact exempt from the licensing process and able to construct in various locations without any prior proceeding or prerequisites.

There has been no official response to the letter yet, but the director of Congress talked to the Judiciary and was told no permits or proceedings were necessary.

Critics say this ability to build without permission could jeopardize the Heritage Buildings by blocking them with newer, larger buildings.

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