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How to Avoid Dangers in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living News – Although you can safely travel and live in Costa Rica, do not leave your brain at home and follow some simple advice. Costa Rica is considered the safest country in Central America. That being said, there are some warnings to consider.

  • Robbery

Keep an eye and a hand on your belongings as well as some change in your pocket to appease homeless people who try to get you to take out your wallet.

  • Coca Cola Station

Don’t be overly alert so much to draw attention to your fear, just sit on your suitcases like everyone else!

  • Taxis

Get taxis arranged by your hotel; if you must hail one on your own make sure they use the price meter.

  • General Crime

Don’t carry your passport except at the airport, as a copy will be sufficient in the country. Carry only the cash you need dangerfor the day and don’t leave valuables in the car or hotel (except in a safe).

  • Roads

Road signs are not to be found outside of the city and inside the city they are ignored-drive and walk across streets with caution!

  • Helpful Strangers

Many people with bad intentions will offer to help anyone who looks like a tourist. Avoid going with strangers or letting people carry your things.

  • Police

If you see many police in one area or a lack of any police, go somewhere else. Those are both signs of a bad neighborhood.

  • Airport Money Exchange

Change only what you need for the day and then visit a bank to change the rest at a better rate.

  • Watch Where You’re Going

There are potholes everywhere!

  • Bus Stations

Take a taxi home after arriving at a bus station and do not linger around for a few minutes.

  • After Dark

As in all countries, the later it is the more drunk people are out causing trouble.

  • Valuables

Leave them at the hotel in a safe, not in your day bag.

  • Speed Traps

If you get a speeding ticket in a rental car tip the cop and he will rip up the ticket so your credit card doesn’t get charged $120.

  • Airport Taxes

Don’t pay them to anyone except at the official desk.

  • Girls

Most girls who approach you in downtown bars are prostitutes, try going to bars outside the city.

We did not go over some obvious ones like do not leave your valuables on your towel on the beach, if you take a prostitute back to your hotel room make sure your things are locked in your safe, and do not walk around drunk at night alone.  These to us are just common sense though.  Be safe and use your head when you are in Costa Rica.

By Kerry La

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