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How Much Pollution is in the Costa Rica Rivers?

Costa Rica News – How polluted are the rivers in Costa Rica? Perhaps too polluted to call them “green”.

river-pollution-costa-rica main 2In 2014, 760 tons of garbage arrived at the five state hydroelectric plants, through various rivers in the Greater Metropolitan Area.

There were bottles, glass, plastic bags, aluminum and processed wood. Human bodies arrived there too.

Getting rid of the garbage thrown into rivers by individuals, whole families and industries requires daily work and a great investment by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute and CNFL. Adding to the costs of living in Costa Rica.

¢33.5 million was spent in removing debris last year alone. It must be done in order to prevent clogging of the metal structures that filter the water and prevent the decomposition of the power generation turbines.

These reservoirs create 72% of the energy and are a clean source, emitting only 16% of the sector’s greenhouse gases.

Garbage jamming the systems would mean shutting down the plants and producing less energy.


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