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Helicopter Drug Trafficking in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The peaceful Costa Rica is being infested with drug related activity lately. The authorities just found a third airfield for helicopters. This one was on a farm in the Caribbean. They suspect it belongs to drug traffickers.

Costa RicaThe OIJ reported that the farm consists of 300 acres. On it they found three heliports and containers full of fuel. There was also a home on the property that was stocked with some ammunition and chemical residue that may have been used to process cocaine.

Authorities do not have any detainees. The investigation began weeks ago, when neighbors reported helicopter flights. The other two cases occurred in October and in the beginning of this month.

The first was in a jungle near the Nicaraguan border. They found a camp with an ATV, helipad, and 17 AK-47s, which they seized in addition to a rocket launcher, three pistols, three rifles, and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

The second was in a mountainous area of Limon. There they found another helipad and camp. $48,000 in cash, 5 AK-47 rifles, a pistol, a revolver, and two Honduran passports were confiscated.

Two suspects have been arrested. One is a Costa Rican and the other a Colombian helicopter technician. The main hypothesis is that the camps were meant as places to refuel helicopters that were transporting drugs. They have not ruled out the possibility that they may have also been labs for cocaine processing.


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