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Harry’s Truman Razors – The Best Shave on the Market Today

Costa Rica News – Whether you are in Costa Rica, the USA or anywhere else in the world, Harry’s Truman Razors are taking the market by storm.

Harry’s Truman Razors, Kits & Cartridge Refills

The German engineered blades are giving more and more people the kind of shave that they look forward to instead of dread.

The Truman’s zinc alloy core and polymer coating provide substance, comfort and control. The Truman handle was designed for comfort, significance, and control and comes in three colors including Nautilus Blue, Olive, and Total Orange.

A curved rod of zinc alloy forms the solid base of the Truman, while a blend of high-quality polymers and waterproof lacquer yields a smooth exterior.

The cartridges consist of five blades, with each of the five blades shaped into a “Gothic Arch” pattern to be strong at the base and sharp at the tip. A small band of aloe vera and vitamin E soothes and nourishes your skin for a soft, smooth finish.

While living in Costa Rica I had to bring down quite a few of these as once the first person gave a good review more and more people began to buy them.

If you are looking to try out the Harry’s Turman razor yourself go to the link below to get your Harry’s Truman razors for the lowest price on Ebay.

Harry’s Truman Razors, Kits & Cartridge Refills

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