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Hallmark Birthday Card for 13-Year-Old Girls Saying They’ll Get a Boyfriend with Bigger Boobies

Let’s talk about how inappropriate a Hallmark birthday card can get…..well this is pretty much based on what society has become so not much you can really say.  So many young girls have been raised in a materialistic society  where finding a rich guy and looks are more important than love and intelligence. 

Card company Hallmark UK apologized yesterday after an author posted a picture on Twitter of a risqué card for teen girls that said they’d get a boyfriend if they had ‘bigger boobies’.

The card, printed by Hallmark acquisition Creative Publishing, reads in full: ‘You’re 13 today! If you had a rich boyfriend he’d give you diamonds and rubies. Well, maybe next year you will — when you’ve bigger boobies!’

Hallmark hurried to apologize for the blunder and by Friday afternoon had posted a statement on its site agreeing that the card and inappropriate, and claiming it had not been published in the last 15 years.

American novelist Maureen Johnson was travelling though the UK when she came across the card. She took a picture and posted it to Twitter with the message: ‘Dear @HallmarkPR, SERIOUSLY???? #letsmessgirlsupearlywithcards’.

The card sparked outrage across the social media service and by Saturday evening, her message had been re-tweeted more than 1,000 times.

It is not known which shop the author was in when she came across the card, but Hallmark UK claimed to be surprised that it was still on sale.

‘This card was produced by Creative Publishing prior to Hallmark Cards acquiring the company in 1998,’ read the statement by David Dean, managing director of Hambledon Studios, a subsidiary of Hallmark UK

‘We are as surprised and horrified as anyone else to have discovered that there are still copies in circulation.

‘The card has not been produced for over 15 years and would never pass our own strict guidelines of taste and appropriateness. We would like to assure all our customers that we will do everything in our power to track down remaining copies.’


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