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Hablo Como Tico; Talk Like a Costa Rican (Video)

Costa Rica Entertainment – Costa Ricans have a unique way of playing with words.

hablo como tico goninIt’s striking to outsiders and the national reggae singer Gonín took advantage of this fact and made a new song, “Hablo como tico 2.”

Gonín explores the meaning of the Tico lexicon, quite a fun topic. This is his second hit that’s all about how Costa Ricans speak.

The first was a great success and I’m sure there’s a third on the way.

In “I speak like a tico 2” he plays with about 20 words, keeping it short in order to get the full version on the radio. It has a Jamaican rhythm behind it and feels a bit retro and a bit dancehall.

There are some modern sounds thrown in as well.

Everybody will be singing along and dancing at the upcoming presentations.

He’ll perform on Sunday at 4 next to La Kuarta at the civic festival of Orotina and then on the 28th at 7 at the Guatuso fairgrounds.

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