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Green Lantern, the DC Comics Superhero is Gay

New York (AFP) – Green Lantern, one of the most enduring comic characters of the United States, is the latest superhero to declare his homosexuality, DC Comics announced Friday.

Alan Scott, alter ego of the classic ‘Green Lantern’ which debuted in 1940, reappears as Green Lantern, “a leader with an appetite for justice” that “is also homosexual,” the publisher said in a statement.

DC Comics, one of the leading companies in the U.S. comic with Marvel Comics, said the superhero born in the 1940s, the golden age of comics, “has been modernized to reflect the world we live in.” .

The new Green Lantern appears in the second edition of “Earth 2”. A sneak preview of part of the story in the DC Comics website shows Alan Scott as a burly blond who comes to Hong Kong, where a handsome dark-haired friend named Sam takes him to a luxury hotel.

The writer of the series, James Robinson, said that despite the changes, “the old-time readers will be pleasantly surprised by the way that somehow try to show the ‘classic’ Alan Scott at the same time. It remains the same dynamic and heroic man he was. “

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