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Good Friday is a Day of Traditions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – You may wonder where to celebrate your faith this Good Friday.

Pablo Rodriguez./Carlos Gonzalez

Hundreds of parishioners are preparing to incarnate biblical characters throughout several streets of the country commemorating Jesus on his way to Calvary.

These processions are one of the main traditions of Holy Week.

These and other traditions will be carried out in all the provinces to motivate Catholics to meditate on the last days of Christ on Earth as well as the meaning of his death and resurrection.

In San Jose a procession starts at 10:30 am from the La Dolorosa church. Another from the church of Carmen.

These are both expected to finish around noon, with a reenactment of the crucifixion.

There will be other processions around the temple in Desamparados, from the Los Angeles church in Heredia, at Maria Auxiliadora in Llorente de Flores, at the church of Carmen in Cartago, at La Basilica, and in downtown Alajuela.

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