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Globe Aware; Volenteer Vacations in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel News – Do you have some time off? How about during your kids’ summer break from school? Why not take a personal retreat or a family vacation to the next level by volunteering in Costa Rica! Here are five reasons why volunteering in Costa Rica is a wonderful option.

Globe-Aware-Costa RicaFirst: Why not? It’s Costa Rica- a beautiful land with so much nature and culture to enjoy along the journey.

Second: The country is primarily rainforest. It is home to 4% of the world’s biodiversity. That’s more species than are found in the US and Canada combined. Besides getting to see some new animals and plants you can also protect them.

Third: If nature’s not your thing, maybe you are more of a people person. There are tons of hard-working, low-income families and towns that could use a helping hand.

Fourth: You don’t need to be an expert at anything to help out in Costa Rica. You can teach kids without a degree. You can paint or lay pipes without a certification. Your desire to help is all that’s needed and it’s very much appreciated.

Fifth: On any volunteer trip there will be some down time. In Costa Rica you can enjoy that time in a hammock, relaxing in perfect weather or at the beach, a volcano or high up in the trees ziplining.

One of the organizations offering volunteer vacations in Costa Rica is called Globe Aware. Globe Aware is a 501 C 3 Canadian and US based charity that offers 1 week, tax deductible volunteer vacations around the world, including Costa Rica.  In fact, they have such programs in 17 countries around the world, at an average cost of $1200 each. They include 35 hours of work projects plus several leisure and culture activities, food, accommodations, bottled water, bilingual guide and medical insurance.

They have two options in Costa Rica, one is the Costa Rican Rainforest Village Experience and the other is the Orosi Valley Paradise Experience. The trips are for 8 days, 7 nights. The trips can include working in butterfly gardens, on construction projects, in schools and in gardens. The opportunities are endless.

You can contact Globe Aware at  (877) 588-4562 or find the complete details at these links:


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