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Glass Not Plastic in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News- Have you noticed a change in bars or restaurants in the Greater Metropolitan Area?

glass not plastic costa ricaFor at least thirty of them, gone are the days of serving drinks in plastic cups and plastic bottles. This initiative to serve drinks in glasses is classy as well as helpful to the environment.

The campaign “No seas plástico” is brought to our city by Preserve Planet, an organization going into its second year of operation. The group promotes glass as a substitute for serving.

The reason for wanting to reduce the use of plastic is because that when disposed of it ends up polluting the rivers and being dragged to the coast, negatively affecting marine life along the way.

All of the brands in the country offer products in glass containers and they are often cheaper since they are returnable. One glass bottle can be recycled at least 80 times while maintaining its characteristics.

Preserve Planet will be at Jazz Cafe tonight at 8pm for a concert in celebration of its successful first year.

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