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Ghost Hunting; The Haunted Cottage in Oroville

Ghosts & the Supernatural – The date is: January 5, 2010, Tuesday. Occupant Susan Argeris Brown lives in a senior citizen cottage complex. Various occupants in this complex have crossed over into the other life. Susan says that she is a sensitive and her first paranormal experience was when she was 16 years old.

Some of her experiences have been:haunted-house-oroville cottage

1. In another home, while playing cards, the song ‘Rock your Baby’ came on by itself and the visitors in her home freaked out.

2. Many old photographs of her family display orbs or ectoplasm. She showed me the photos.

3. In another home, she heard a voice, looked in the mirror and saw her boyfriend’s deceased mother in the mirror. Her boyfriend’s deceased mother was murdered, stabbed numerous times. When Susan saw her boyfriend’s deceased mother in the mirror, there was a constant loud banging sound, it sounded like a metal door slamming against a wall.

4. Susan once encountered an African American woman entity. She was petite and she floated around in the air. This entity grabbed her by the ankles while she lay in bed. The entity appeared after the sound of thunder and disappeared after the sound of thunder. 

5. Susan once froze up in a restaurant, during the freezing moment; she had a vision of her friend’s nephew. The next day she learns that her friend’s nephew was shot and killed.

6. Susan at times feels like she is being watched or followed.

7. On a shower wall, she saw the words written on the steamy shower wall…”Aug 26”. There were other words, but they were illegible. August 26 turned out to be the date that her husband died.

Now that Susan lives in the cottage, she feels the presence of her deceased husband. At the cottage, paranormal activity has started. Recently she had a big entity lie on top of her and presses his or her shoulder into her body, while a little entity sat on the corner of the bed and left an impression on the bed. Because of this, she called UC Davis for help and UC Davis referred her to HPI and I was called on the case.

I spent the night in her cottage. I want to thank Susan for her hospitality; she prepared corn dogs, crab cakes, coffee, macaroni and cheese for me. It was going to be a long night.
The results of this preliminary investigation are found in my FINDINGS and CONCLUSION.


No EVPs. No photographic anomalies. I felt like I had someone pull my hair while I lay on the mattress. The tugging on my hair was electrically charged. I also was touched once on the leg and once on my lower back. An electrical charge was felt. 


Inconclusive. A full-on investigation is warranted. If Susan is a sensitive, she may have entities that are attracted to her, she is like a light beacon and the entities may have a message for her to relate to the living. Perhaps the entity goes from one cottage to another cottage. One occupant in this cottage complex says that she feels she may at times have paranormal activity in her cottage. This occupant was quite the character, as she showed me pictures of her daughter that used to work directly for the Bee Gees.

I feel like I was touched, but could it have been my over-active imagination? I need to investigate this home again to make a final assessment of the situation. 

Paul Dale Roberts,  Paranormal Investigator & Ghostwriter
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International 

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