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Ghost Hunting in the Green Valley Vortex

Ghosts & the Paranormal – The Green Valley Vortex which is an area that covers part of Auburn and Colfax is rumored to have UFO sightings, a crop circle, ghostly activities, Bigfoot and even some alien robots that once chased some high school boys out of the woods. The place is too weird not to investigate.

The North Fork Polygon green valley vortex 1HPI paranormal investigator Amanda ‘Mandy’ Lewis did all of the research for this strange area and wanted to do a preliminary investigation up there, just to see if we could find any kind of paranormal activity. I had my fingers crossed that I would run into the alien robots in the woods.

Since Mandy’s truck can take the dirt roads in the Green Valley Vortex, I left my vehicle the Ghosttracker parked in front of Mandy’s home. Since this vortex area is so widespread, I wanted to take a freelance approach to the investigation and go here and there and everywhere to see what we can find. Mandy did her research and knew exactly where we were going and where we will investigate, except she didn’t tell me we were going to hike through the vortex area for about 10 miles in the hot sun!

We discovered all kinds of trails with names like Frontier Trail and Coyote Creek Trail, that seemed to go over hill and over dale…sigh. We found an area that has numerous weird sightings that is located near the Weimar Institute. We found two ladies from this institute hiking along the trails. The ladies were in somewhat strange attire that seemed somewhat cultish. One of the ladies had the gift of gab and talked about her church and how it was connected to the Weimar Institute. We asked her if she ever heard any paranormal stories about this area. She told us that she did have a few stories, but they are not paranormal. One of the stories is the discovery of what people thought were dinosaur bones of a Sauropod near Clipper Gap which is part of the vortex area. She goes on and tells us that this story was bogus and that the bones were actually mere rock that resembled bones. She tells us how a woman hiker got in between a bear cub and a mountain lion and she was killed instantly by the mountain lion.

She also tells us that the Weimar Institute was formerly a tuberculosis sanitarium in the 20s and 30s. Many, many people died tragic deaths from this disease and are buried in simple markers in the woods. When people were checked in with tuberculosis, they were not allowed to leave; they were quarantined from the rest of the populace. They died lonely deaths, with no friends or families there to support them. When they died, a simple marker was placed over their grave. That marker is a wooden stake attached with a tin plate. The tin plate has an assigned number for the patient. She also tells us that people that practice Eastern religions/Buddhist practices will place coins or rocks over cloth pieces and place them on the various trails. Mandy and I found one of these cloths with little rocks aligned in an odd way.

As we departed from these women, we continued on our grueling hike into the unknown. We found many purpleThe North Fork Polygon green valley vortex main grapes and blackberries on various parts of the trail. I knew in my mind, if we get lost, I can survive a few days eating those grapes and blackberries. Mandy and I kept searching for those alien robots. So far the alien robots have not made their appearance and instead we found a huge grove of manzanitas. The crookedness of those trees gave the trail a creepy feeling. I felt like I was walking through some wicked forest out of a Frank Lyman Baum book.

After walking and walking and walking, we finally came to the cemetery that was designated for the TB victims. We were absolutely amazed at the countless monomorphic grave markers for the TB victims. As far as the eye can see were these markers. With all of the tragedy that happened at the Weimar Institute, I would have to say there must be residual haunting activity in this area. Perhaps there is no Bigfoot or UFOs and of course those pesky alien robots, but I bet there has to be a lot of ghostly paranormal activity in this area.

In regard to the alien robots that were seen at the Green Valley Vortex, it was 1978 when two high school boys wandering around in this area, encountered a blue disc landing in the nearby field. As they approached this strange object, they claim that 2 robotic looking creatures came out of the UFO. The robotic aliens had mechanical type of red eyes, metallic pincher claws and a metallic body. The robotic aliens kept approaching the 2 boys and they were running for their lives. Finally when they turned around after tumbling over a log, the alien robots were gone and so was the UFO disc.

Shirley McCormick of Monterey, CA says she was camping at the Green Valley Vortex with her husband and 2 children. The year was 1992. Around 4:15 a.m. Shirley and her husband woke up to what they felt was a vibration of the ground. Shirley instantly thought earthquake. Then to the astonishment of Shirley and her husband, they witnessed a tear in the fabric of space. Shirley describes it as an actual hole in the night sky and inside the hole everything was lavender in color. From this hole in the sky, they saw a huge hairy humanoid step out of the hole. The creature grabbed something from a nearby tree and placed the item in its mouth, turned around and scurried off into the woods. The creature had to be about 10 feet tall according to Shirley. Shirley says that her husband was so scared, he actually passed out. Their children slept through the whole incident.

The North Fork Polygon green valley vortexThe Lightning Pixie of the Green Valley Vortex
I must say I do go on a lot of investigations and I write a lot of paranormal articles. With each article is my contact information. I get text messages, telephone calls and emails constantly from people who have stories to tell or who want to know more information. Below is an email I recently received:

“Hello Mr. Roberts, my name is Howard. I guess from reading all about your investigations, you have become pretty legendary in the paranormal circus. Let me tell you about my circus act at the Green Valley Vortex. Sit back, because I kid you not, this is some real stuff. This really happened dude. I just want to let you know I did some camping at the Green Valley Vortex last year and plan to do some more camping this year. The area is definitely odd. What did you feel when you went up there? My buddy Todd and I felt very lightheaded when we walked into a certain areas where the trees were all bent over.

Todd and myself camped out there for two nights and on one night it rained and that is when some crazy xxxxx happened. We saw lightning hit a tree limb and after it hit, there was this little creature made up of the lightning itself standing on the tree limb. The creature couldn’t have been no more than 4 or 5 inches high and it was made up of electricity. The creature seemed to be skipping on the limb and then jumped down to the ground and started walking around. This lightning pixie seemed to take notice of us and at one point of time; it pointed its little finger at us and shot out a lightning bolt. The bolt did not hit us, but missed us. It hit the ground roughly 3 yards away from us.

We watched this little creature for about 10 minutes, when all of a sudden a large beam hit the little pixie and it was beamed up into the cloudy night skies. Has anyone else seen a pixie in the Green Valley Vortex or are we the only crazy people that seen xxxx like this. I know the two high school kids saw a UFO and an alien robot chased them through the woods. I guess their story would be as crazy as our story. Please let me know if you plan to re-investigate the Green Valley Vortex, because there is something truly unusual going on at this location. It may be another Skinwalker Ranch. I do believe there is a portal at the Green Valley Vortex. Would you agree?”

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