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Ghost Hunting in Santa Cruz & Napa

Ghosts & The Supernatural – Chuck Chuck & the Rebobs may sound like a 1950s musical group, but it’s not….

In the darkness of night along Partrick Road in Napa Valley, you may hear the sound of a deep pitched voice that sounds like it is saying: “Chuck Chuck”. The Chuck Chuck Monster is a creature of immense size, glowing yellow eyes, large beak, fur that looks feathery (like a bird), no wings, but is very aggressive when encountered. Witnesses say that the Chuck Chuck has hominid legs and hominid arms. For hands it has talons, similar to an eagle. Some witnesses say that the Chuck Chuck Monster is at least 9 feet tall. Legend has it that when the Rebobs were created by some mad scientist in Napa, that he also created another creature that now is known as the Chuck Chuck Monster.

I have many paranormal enthusiasts on 5 of my Facebook walls and I placed an ad on all 5 walls looking for stories about the Rebobs. Below are a few stories that I obtained by simply asking on Facebook.

From the Paranormal Hotline. Call taken on 2/7/2017 10:14 a.m.
Clarence Lenney of Mill Valley in 1972 was partying with friends at Partrick Road and saw what he thought were 3 flying monkey creatures and behind the creatures was this large creature which reminded him of a half ape, half bird. The large creature was making a sound that sounded like “Chuck Chuck”. Clarence described the Chuck Chuck creature in detail, see my first paragraph for the description. Clarence and his friends kept this encounter secret for many years, they did not want people to think they were crazy.

Clarence says that the flying monkey creatures were 2 feet high, they would wobble around on the ground and hiss. They would also fly around the tree tops. At one point of time, 2 of the Rebobs jumped on the hood of his car. Clarence and his 3 friends, stayed inside the car. They were very scared. The large creature continuously said “Chuck Chuck” and then growled. The growl seemed to shake the trees, because it was so loud.

Clarence finally managed to get the car started and drove away at a high rate of speed. The next day, Clarence noticed 4 huge gaping scratches on the side of his car. I asked Clarence if he thought it was the Chuck Chuck’s talons that caused the damage. Clarence said he was so scared he doesn’t know.

In a Private Message on Facebook, I received this following message:

Just call me Ms. B. I went to Partrick Road in 1989 with my then boyfriend. While we were making out, we noticed that the leaves and branches in the trees were rustling. As we watched we saw about 15 small shadowy things flying around. We instantly thought these were Rebobs. My boyfriend a week later, changed his mind and thinks that we actually saw bats. We got scared and left the area.

In a Private Message on Facebook, I received this following message:

I used to live in Napa and I have been to Partrick Road a dozen times. I never encountered anything, except one time when me and my buddy for kicks went up there at 3am and we heard a tremendous roar. It shook us to our core and we jammed out of there! This happened in 1994.

A Message from Paul:
I have been to Napa many times over. I have conducted about 7 paranormal investigations in Napa. On one of my investigations with my wife / psychic Deanna Jaxine Stinson, we investigated the Fulton Winery, see the video here:

In 1988, I went to Napa Valley with 2 of my friends and we drove down Partrick Road. It was dusk and one of my friends claimed he saw 3 flying monkey type of creatures chasing the car. At the time, I thought my friend was nuts, but now I believe he truly saw something that resembled a monkey. One of the creatures flew into the back window and I thought I killed it, but there was no sign of the creature on the road as we drove back looking for it. I thought maybe a duck slammed into our back window, but my friend said it was a monkey like creature. As we were looking for the thing that hit the back window of my car, we all noticed that the tree branches started shaking. The air seemed stuffy and we all started feeling kind of dizzy. I decided it was time for us to leave and we left. When we got out of the area, the dizziness stopped and everything was back to normal. In 1988, I didn’t know anything about the Rebobs, it wasn’t until later that I discovered what my friend was describing.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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