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Franklin Chang Diaz Unites with the Other Heroes of the Space Race

Cape Canaveral, Florida. Dozens of school children ran yesterday by and looked up at a lighted image of Franklin Chang Diaz, Hall of Fame Astronaut.

“This astronaut flew into space seven times, and is new to the Astronaut’s Hall of Fame. He was born in Costa Rica, a Latin American country, ” the guide told the children.

Yesterday everything was ready for the Costa Rican astronaut. A large image of himself, along with two other astronauts (Kevin Chilton and Joseph Charles), whose names now enter the museum as space heroes, welcomes the public at this location.

The event is held once a year at the Tourist Center Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA.

Chang was selected this time because of its history, which highlights the fact that the astronaut who has flown more times to space (seven), with Jerry Lynn Ross, and the first Latin American to travel into space NASA .

Chang is also involved in the  development of plasma technology in his company Ad Astra.

“I’m excited, and more. I do not know exactly what I am, but I’m happy, “Chang said yesterday before a dinner with veterans of the NASA astronauts.

Much of his Costa Rican family arrived this week in Florida to share the experience. Including his mother, Eugenia Díaz, and his daughter, Sonia Chang, who is a U.S. senator. States.

“The dreams that you have are real. All children come into this world, ready to explore. I followed my dream and if I did not I would not be standing here. This is what all Costa Ricans should do, “said Chang

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