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Finding A Licensed Costa Rica Senior Caregiver for The Elderly & Handicapped

Costa Rica Living – When it comes to tending to the needs of an elderly or handicapped member of your family be it in Costa Rica or around the world it can be both time consuming and stressful.

costa rica senior caregiverMany times you have to put your life on hold to ensure the person that requires care or assistance in their day to day needs is tended to in a manner that shows love and makes their lives comfortable.

Putting an elderly member of your family in a retirement home can be both expensive and extremely difficult emotionally.  In Costa Rica the ability to hire a personal in home caregiver to provide the services required to make the senior’s life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible is an expense that many can afford.

As assisted living facility can cost upwards of $4000 a month in the USA.  A personal home care giver normally has a cost of about $350 to $400 a week.  In Costa Rica you can cut that cost in half.

In Costa Rica for a personal in home caregiver the amount that is required to be paid for this service as stated by the Costa Rican government is 370,000 colones a month, approximately $685 a month.  This is for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. You would pay that in about 8 days in the USA as opposed to an entire month in Costa Rica.

I know you are thinking to yourself….”What kind of service am I going to get in a country like Costa Rica?”.

The truth is you are going to normally receive very professional service from a Latin man or woman that is equal to the service up north.

We found this advertisement on Craigslist for a Licensed Costa Rica Caregiver and decided to give her a call. You can click on the ad below to contact Monserrat.

Licensed Caregiver for Elderly & Handicapped (Costa Rica – Central Valley)

We spoke to Monserrat Vasquez and met with her to talk about about being a senior caregiver in Costa Rica and the services she provides.

Her fluency in English was around 80% as she stated in her ad and she was happy to show her certificate for completing a course for senior care in Costa Rica.  She had studied social work for 5 years at the University of Costa Rica and her dream was to assist the elderly and give back.

According to Monserrat, “There is no better feeling in the world than giving someone that is coming to the end of their life love and happiness.” She continued in stating that due to a recent loss in her family, she truly understood how important having someone in your life is when you are left alone.

We agree Monserrat, people like you are angels for the elderly that just need someone in their life that care about them and give them the love every person deserves.

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