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Expect Slower Internet in Costa Rica This Weekend

Costa Rica News – Just in case you were not already disappointed in or frustrated with your internet provider in Costa Rica, get ready for a weekend where you might just want to stay offline. 

costa rica internet serviceAnything you need to do online, do it before the weekend hits. That´s because there is a planned interruption that will affect all carriers. This will be from 10 pm Friday through 6 am Sunday.

The idea is that everyone´s velocity will be at 50 percent, to avoid anyone losing internet service completely, though this is a real possibility at some moments throughout the time period.

The reason for the disturbance is that the submarine cable MAYA-1 must be repaired, after the tides affected its production. A portion of the fiber optic cable must be replaced to ensure the electric infrastructure of the country.

Those in charge urge you to not call Sutel or your internet provider to complain about slow or non working home or mobile internet, as nothing can be done to solve the problem and it will only affect us for a short time.


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