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Enjoying the Whales & Dolphins of the South Pacific of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – One of the biggest draws for tourists and locals alike in Costa Rica is the marine life that can be found along the coasts of the land of “Pura Vida”.

whale watching costa rica 1The south Pacific of Costa Rica was proven to be the best place in the country to see whales and dolphins, according to a study conducted by the Keto Foundation, the Marine Life Foundation, and the Center for Cetacean Research of Costa Rica.

The study considered the variety, presence, and habitat use of marine mammals in six of the country’s marine-busy sites. 308 observations were conducted and the results showed nine different species were observed.

The two most commonly spotted mammals were the Spotted dolphin and the Bottlenose dolphin. Two rarer sightings of a Sei whale and a Rorqual whale were also reported during the observation.

The results of this study will help researchers protect the animals and preserve the environments in which they thrive. The study’s information also benefits the country’s tourism and local economy.

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