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Electronic Payments to Be Accepted on Costa Rica Buses

Costa Rica News – We’ve all been on a bus during rush hour and seen how terribly long it takes to get payments and give change to so many people.

costa rica buses electonic payments 1Plus the driver is distracted afterwards by preparing bundles of change for the next stop as he drives.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) has the idea that passengers should be able to pay electronically, with a card or even a cell phone. The National Chamber of Transport agrees.

Users are worried that getting this service will add greatly to the cost, although it would be nice to have our buses leave stops quicker and be driven safely.

There is no plan yet for how these systems will be paid for.

The potential rate increase will depend on what company is hired to install the systems.

Whether by bank card, generic bus fare card or phone, it would be ideal to eliminate the handling of money on buses.

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