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Directory of Places to Buy Organic Produce in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There are many people living in Costa Rica that love the fact that you can obtain organic food and produce in many locations in the country.  

organic food costa ricaFor most to find places to buy organic, they ask in their area and someone leads them in the right direction.  Hopefully this is about to change a little.

Upward Spirals has recently completed Organic Directory: Costa Rica. A free collection of 60, and growing locations around Costa Rica to buy organic produce. (

This directory is a collaborative work by Upward Spirals and the community of Costa Rica. It is part of their objective to strengthen and
amplify the efforts of those working to build a regenerative, local, organic food system.

At Upward Spirals they believe that helping people to buy healthful food strengthens communities, reduces environmental impacts, improves animal welfare, and brings integrity to our purchases and food consumption.

This directory, subsequent project management how-to guide, and the sustainability Learning Calendar: Costa Rica (, represent some of Upward Spirals’ early offerings directed at organizing and maximizing the efficacy of all projects working to build regenerative systems.

The end goal of Upward Spirals’ projects is a globally networked, mutually supportive, open-source, self-replicating team of passionate world
changers, operating the most powerful sustainability project management and skills development tool ever made.

For a English PDF version of the directory click here.

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